Old Street – Shoreditch – Trapeze & Floripa Bars

Trapeze bar is a circus inspired bar, not that obvious unless you look up tbh and after happy hour the only ‘circus act’ is getting to the bar and loo. Cans of beer which are fine (what beer isn’t) unless they’re luke warm, some were and would have been much better ice cold, not difficult. Cheap as chips for a bar during happy hour and an okay spot but lacked much atmosphere.

Made the huge journey next door after happy hour to Floripa. I’ll set the scene again, Brazilian themed beach bar meets high ceilings and pretty cool. Not an easy adjustment to make between the bars so a drink was needed. Sagres – the drink of Portugal/Brazil! Not bad food with cheese balls and sweet potato fries + dips.

Fun night and Shoreditch is a strange area I’m yet to fully make up my mind on. Not a fan of the aesthetics of old street with a busy industrial east end feel. I think for drinks in winter and when it’s generally not nice outside who cares when your holed up in bars but get me out of the smog into a garden for summer, amen 🙌🏻!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Looks amazing, very jealous!! Xxx


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