Welcome to India! 

We safely landed around 8.30am Delhi time, limited sleep and body clock shouted 4am. Never mind, with limited sleep we navigated Delhi airport and visa arrival process quite easily, with a friendly ‘cricket mad’ gent behind the counter. Free transfer from our hotel and after checking around 50 clipboards and scrappy A4 scribbled on papers we found ‘Mr Herbert’ 🙂

Our driver had one of those little mini vans. We set off and apparently lanes don’t exist here, so where two lanes exist four cars will fit, adjacently. The horn is used constantly, by everyone and tbh for no real reason most of the time so this place is extremely noisy :). An eye opening journey where organised chaos does work here and everyone ‘just’ misses everyone (although most cars would state otherwise). 

Our hotel is on a super busy street, which I knew and is fine, it shows the city for what it is and many other hotels are here. After some much needed sleep we headed out, our hotel doorman organises a price for a rickshaw and we headed to Connaught Place, built by the British for the British raj :). Difficult to navigate at first but we headed to the centre park. Security is hot here and the park (and Metro) require a scanner and security check. We met a couple of very friendly people (that didn’t want to scam) that wanted to chat just because we were British. From here we took a km walk toward the imperial hotel, had nosey and Nai wondered why the hell weren’t staying here :-/. We had a cup of tea and sat outside, it was nice without being spectacular….the tea and setting. 

We had to work out the Metro which wasn’t easy or very set up for tourists we felt. 12 rupees a ticket (12p) or 25 for a day ticket it was cheaper than the tube. We got there in the end and the tubes are as nice if not more modern and nicer than what we are used to back home. Food tour with another couple of Brits who had been here just a longer. We were at Chawri Bazar and this place is old Delhi, where as before the British built area is ‘new’. This was a bit more rough and ready and to say it was busy would not do it justice, carnage or rickshaws, bikes and other. 

I can’t remember exactly what a lot of the foods were but we were led around back alleys to around 6 stalls and given a lot of small street food dishes. Few photos below with details. One funny incident (not that funny at the time) where I felt water from the sky and with the festival season days away the ‘kids’ were throwing (accurately) water bombs from the roofs and on the streets at one point. Safe to say N and I got a taste



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  1. Deena says:

    Wow it all looks amazing the photos are really good xx


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