A tomb, a temple, a golf tournament and a gate

I thought we’d be toast after the bike tour but we got recommended ‘Humayans Tomb’ from the bike guide. We headed over in a rickshaw with a middle aged
American chap we met on the tour. He was a teacher in Uzbekistan which apparently got confused with Pakistan a lot which made the Indians he told a bit jumpy. 
There were two tombs, the first we saw was of an old Moghul ‘Isa Khan’ 1547. The early Moghuls were of Muslim faith and a mosque accompanied the tomb enclosure, this is a photo from the mosque. We got confused with which way Mecca pointed and it 

 Humayans tomb enclosure was much more grand and spread over a huge area. I’m writing this after being to the Taj (spoiler alert!) and this was not far off in terms of how striking it was. 

 We dived back to the hotel after this for some much needed A/C, it seems to get much hotter (bigger difference than UK) in the mid afternoon sun. 

I read about a Sikh temple (high up on tripadvisor no doubt) and it sounded a good experience. There is a lot of volunteer work done here by those associated and of the thousands that attend you could have some food and your shoes looked after (bare feet). We also had to cover our hair and the photo is bit of a shocker below. It was Sunday when we visited and it was packed, all quite confusing and a bit overwhelming but we gave it a go and had a walk around.


Now I just happened to notice a day before we flew out that the European tour was in Delhi πŸ˜‰. The golf club was relatively close in what is a huge city. So we headed over in a rickshaw. It was Sunday afternoon so the leaders were on the back 9. Golf isn’t very popular in Delhi and the infrastructure wasn’t the best. It isn’t a big tournament but still a European tour event and one year Tiger played (imagine the crowds were a bit bigger that year). It was free to get in and we were sat in the 18th grandstand within 30 seconds of entry. Small crowds meant we could see a few holes of the leading group (two Indian players) including the penultimate 17th a par 3, before deciding to leave as they headed up 18 (crowd was a lot bigger now 😐).


We got a couple of free caps from the sponsors (and those of Arsenal 😷)

We visited India gate which was only 5 mins from the golf and again the area was so busy with people. It was clearly a place for family’s on a Sunday. 


On one of the vast fields there were no less than 25 cricket matches being played, various standards of players and equipment but it looked like so much fun. 


We got a little lost in a play garden area and it was traumatic the number of kids we were trapped in with πŸ˜„. We made it out and eventually sided with tripadvisors South Indian food recommendation. 



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  1. Tracy says:

    Looks like such an amazing place, probably need longer than 3 weeks! Reminds me of our travels:( love you both xxx


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