Anuraag Villa & Holika – Jaipur

Our hotel in Jaipur was a very nice large villa, not luxurious but exactly what I think of when I think colonial India style.

It had around 16 rooms and the original doors on a lot of the houses/havelis like this have a strong lock and bolt on both the inside and out. It also means you can lock someone in the toilet 😐. Our bed was big and the mattress super comfy, like a memory foam, same same but pretty sure it was different.

The reason I booked it back at home, along with the good reviews, was the garden. It didn’t disappoint and we had two breakfasts and two dinners here after the first nights food was so good.


We had the gulab jamun and some kulfi 👌🏻

On the second night the peacocks came out to play and I think the below is my favourite photo so far with the male showing us his tail feather 💙 and that lovely green beetle.

The kitchen was in a conservatory type extension and you could see the chefs preparing the food.

The night before Holi sees a burning of small (mostly wood based) bonfires in the middle of many streets or crossroads. The women of the house warn away evil spirits with some candles and water, the bonfire is then lit. It was quite big and not really controlled, everyone stepped back 20 feet when the heat hit! The one down the road from us looked twice as big. Funny because whilst all this is going on all that has happened is that the road now has a roundabout, a hot one at that, and cars/rickshaws/bikes/cows continued to weave around to continue their journey. Our taxi driver the day before said “anything possible in India” as a car was driving up the road the opposite way, never has a saying been more true 😆. Good fun and we left the fire burning to return to our ginger tea in the garden. We had traditional music that was relaxing rather than a dancing or party vibe and I’ve a video of our traditional flute player we had every morning and here this evening.


We had to really hang around the hotel until our 23:35 train that you just know was delayed, thankfully not by much. Here’s the part where I get Delhi belly and have a 13 hour train journey 🔫. We did however have first class tickets (that’s not as good as it sounds in India) and our own private carriage 🙌🏻🙏🏻

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